Our Process

All Reviva engines are built to the highest industry standards:

  • Every engine is completely disassembled.
  • All components cleaned and detailed.
  • All major components are machined to meet or exceed OE specifications.
  • Wear parts are replaced with 100% new.
  • Fuel Systems and Turbochargers are remanufactured and tested.
  • Long block and long block supremes are SIM tested.
  • All Drop-In engines are dyno tested on electronically controlled dynamometers.
  • Finally painted, packed and prepped for delivery.

Experience the Reviva difference today!

Our Commitment

Reviva has over six decades of engine remanufacturing experience under the hood.  That experience is what fuels us to deliver the right engine how you need it, when you need it. We provide optional configurations based on your customers needs including Long Blocks, Long Block Supremes and Complete Drop-Ins. All configurations are built exactly to the specification of the original engine for quick installation and reduced customer downtime. Complete Drop-In engines are 100% dyno tested and built to be installed in 8 hours or less...ensuring the customer is back up and running in days, rather than weeks or months.

Lean Manufacturing

Since 2003 Reviva has employed the principles of lean manufacturing to every part of our business. That commitment and dedication to the process is what allows us to deliver a quality engine, at a lower cost, faster than anyone else.