Mercedes Sprinter 2.7L

The Mercedes-Benz 2.7L is an inline 5 cylinder diesel engine produced for Mercedes, Dodge, and Freightliner for primarily the Sprinter Van.  Reviva now has the model OM612 and OM647 available in a long block supreme version for model years 2001-2006.

ENGINE IDENTIFICATION: Provide complete Vehicle Identification Number
Vin sample: WD3PD141X45156843

Character 7&8 denotes the Model:
41=2.7L Diesel 612 (ME9)
42=2.7L Diesel 612 (MF1)
43=2.7L Diesel 647 (MC0)
44=2.7L Diesel 647 (MF2)

Product Bulletin

Long Block Supreme

  • Block
  • Rods
  • Piston assemblies
  • Cylinder head
  • Gear housing & front seal
  • Oil cooler
  • Front cover
  • Camshaft cover
  • Oil filter
  • Crankshaft
  • Valve train
  • Camshaft
  • Gasket set
  • Oil pump
  • Oil pan
  • Water pump
  • Front dampner

Dynomometer Testing

All of Reviva’s Complete Drop-In engines are 100% dyno tested prior to shipment. Computer controls ensure that each engine dyno test is conducted under standard, repeatable settings. Every engine is run through a warm up cycle; three separate cruise segments simulating light, medium and heavy throttle conditions; maximum torque and horsepower tests; both high and low idle tests; and a black light leak detection test with dyed oil, coolant and fuel.

Warranty Coverage

On-Road Complete Drop-In configurations: 2yr/unlimited mileage.
**2nd year long block coverage only.
Off-Road Complete Drop-In configurations: 1yr/2,000 hours.
Long Block configuration: 1yr/2,000 hours. Transit applications: 1 year.

Some restrictions apply; see limited warranty details or call 877-357-7634 for more information.