Ford IDI

Reviva offers a long block for the Ford IDI 7.3L engine.  Reviva's 7.3L IDI is configured for delivery vans, pick-up trucks, ambulances, utility trucks, airport shuttles and school buses.  

All Reviva engines are assembled in the USA. 

• E 350-450/F 250-550 from 1994 to end of OE 7.3L production
• International T444E from 1994 to end of of OE 7.3L production 

Product Bulletin

Long Block

  • Short block
  • Lifters
  • Pushrods
  • Rear cover with seal
  • Front cover with seal
  • Oil cooler bundle*
    * no oil cooler headers


  • Heads
  • Rocker arms
  • Gaskets

Warranty Coverage

Long Block configuration: 1yr/unlimited miles. 

Some restrictions apply; see limited warranty details or call 877-357-7634 for more information.