Company History

For over 70 years Reviva has been providing quality remanufactured engine products and low cost, innovative logistic services for a variety of industries.

Changing the name of Dealers Manufacturing to Reviva in 2002, emphasized the expertise of reviving and extending the life of equipment using remanufacturing technology. Reviva’s products are re-engineered to compensate for original design weaknesses and configured to meet customers’ tough commercial requirements.

10 years ago, Reviva began a Lean Journey, focusing on continuous improvement while working to eliminate waste, empower workers and move the company closer to its markets and customers.

Acquiring Engine Rebuilders of Oakes, North Dakota in 2007 has allowed Reviva a gateway to the remanufactured skid steer and refrigeration markets.

In the spring of 2008, Reviva launched its Third Party Distribution business, by opening a 300,000 square foot tire distribution facility in Aurora, IL.  Reviva continued to expand in 2010 with the introduction of Freight Buddy, an LTL freight quotation and scheduling service focused on the transportation industry.

Reviva is an operating partner in Cizion and PrecisionBilt companies. Cizion is a precision engineering, manufacturing, and machining company dedicated to producing high-performance components for energy, defense, aerospace, and heavy industry. PrecisionBilt specializes in the repair of "high horsepower" gas and diesel engine blocks and crankshafts for the mining, oil & gas, marine, and railroad industries.

Combined, Reviva is a diversified company focused on long term relationships and solutions that fully support Reviva’s suppliers and customers.